Growth insight for your Amazon store .

We know your company needs clear insights to grow in a short time. We are here with you.

Insights that empower business growth

A suite of data analytics, reporting tools and operations management

eCommerce aggregator network

Sales booster and data analytics

Marketing optimization

Accounting integration

e-Commerce aggregator network

A 360° suite of tools to grow business
Our centralized data platform enables you to integrate your sales, marketing and accounting platforms for an all-rounded business performance review, as well as run detailed analysis of each platform.

Streamline your platform management by integrating your Amazon stores, and other sales channels and payment gateways. Be it eCommerce or even omnichannel, set strategies and goals to create success.

Hypergrow your sales

Boost sales and manage orders
Our analytics is designed for multiple sales channels, from your Amazon stores, Stripe to Google analytics and beyond.

The sales and order analysis includes total revenue, number of online orders and POS, number of customers, discounts, refunds, AOV and ACV. Leverage on the data analytics to forecast customer demand, set optimum inventory levels and most of all, accelerate your revenue growth.

Maximize marketing impact

Marketing effort well-spent and tracked
Track your marketing conversion performance of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to ensure your budget is well spent with impact created.

Data analytics include Spends, Revenue, ROAS, Clicks, Impression, Campaigns, CPV, CPC etc are presented. Good products and services are not only reflected by numbers, but also feedback by the Community. Our platform consolidates Amazon’s comments, feedback, ratings so you can track them along with your marketing campaigns to make more accurate metrics and projections.

Save time in managing accounting

Accounting made easy
Are you spending most of your time growing sales and feeling difficult managing the company’s accounting?

Utilize our platform to integrate your accounting tools so you get a full picture of business efficiency. A clear presentation of Profit and loss and Balance sheet, with all the breakdowns for business to evaluate the gross margin, expenses, cash flow and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help or find further growth advice?

Our success team is standing by to help you with anything that may arise during your time with Choco Up. You can reach us by phone or email ( We also have our blog full of articles, videos and how-tos.

Is my data safe?

All information you share with Choco Up is secured during transport and at rest. We are committed to protecting your data with military grade encryption (RSA-4096 and AES-256). We also limit what we have access to. We can never see your login information for any of your connected accounts, we only have “read” level access to the data you share with us – in other words, we are never able to change or modify in any way your shared data. We have securely connected more than 25,000 customer data sources.

Why do I have to link my accounts?

In order to minimise your work of providing documents, you can simply click a button to connect your analytics or online merchant platform accounts to us so you can save your time on more important matters.