Published Dec 21, 2021

Outlook 2022: Part 4

Percy Hung, CEO and Co-Founder, Choco Up
After the pandemic outbreak, face-to-face interaction was shut down overnight. We were quick to adapt to the new normal, by interacting with startups and online businesses via the internet, processing data integration and collection via APIs, and running data analytics via cloud infrastructure.  

On Venture Capital
Online commerce and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) have shown tremendous potential post pandemic. Benefitting from the work-from-home economy, these businesses have experienced record growth in a very short time.

Much venture equity is now currently exploring e-commerce roll up strategy, where a dedicated platform gobbles up various brands and achieves economies of scale by streamlining operations, including purchasing, warehousing and payment.

As a data-driven revenue-based financing platform, we leverage data analytics and vast integration to automate growth fund deployment, providing companies with quick, seamless, and recurring access to growth capital. As startup founders ourselves, we understand that many businesses face initial difficulties in raising capital quickly, and we are a sector-agnostic team that serves tech-enabled and data-driven businesses.