Published Oct 13, 2021

Singapore Start-Up Popsical Secures SGD$200K In Funding From Choco Up To Expand Cloud-based Karaoke Streaming Platform

Choco Up’s funding will drive the development of the Popsical karaoke ecosystem of products and software across Southeast Asia and eventually North America.

Asia’s largest revenue-based financing and growth platform Choco Up announced today its S$200K funding partnership with tech start-up Popsical. Headquartered in Singapore, Popsical is the most popular fully licensed cloud-streaming karaoke service provider that is looking to revitalise the karaoke experience by making home-karaoke setups more accessible – providing a safe, alternative form of entertainment during this pandemic.

This funding by Choco Up will bolster Popsical’s expansion in Vietnam, where the company has been granted a music license by the Vietnam Centre for Protection of Music Copyright (VCPMC) and is setting up its third office globally, in Ho Chi Minh City. The funding will also support Popsical’s planned expansion into markets across Southeast Asia and eventually North America.

The funding will also support Popsical in strengthening its inventory of products that are in constant demand. One such product is Popsical’s iconic plug & play karaoke streaming device, Popsical Remix, providing a modern karaoke experience in the comfort of your own home. Currently sold out on the Popsical website, the ultra-portable, palm-sized device comes with two lightweight microphones, allowing users to indulge in their favourite songs anywhere. Popsical Remix features a proprietary licensed cloud-based streaming system that features 14 languages and a library with over 330,000 songs updated daily. This software allows multiple mobile devices to connect to it, functioning as a controller for users to queue their songs without interruption.

“Karaoke is a fun, stress-relieving activity loved by many, and the pandemic has forced karaoke enthusiasts to look for alternatives to karaoke bars or venues. Popsical saw that gap in the market and offered the solution with quality, user-friendly products that work right at home,” said Percy Hung, Co-founder and CEO of Choco Up. “We believe with Choco Up’s Funding as a Service (FaaS) platform and support, Popsical will be able to meet their sales demand, expand much further and spread the joy of karaoke as we find ourselves staying home more often.”

Through the leadership of Fadhli Rahim, Popsical CTO, the company has been able to develop a proprietary cloud-based streaming platform with a subscription model that comes with two plans, an unlimited Premium plan and a plan offering 24-hour access to licensed songs. Fadhli’s experience in software architecture and design has allowed Popsical to build a strong team dedicated to bringing the best karaoke product to the market.

“As the pandemic has shifted consumer behaviour to spending more time at home, new forms of entertainment are in demand,” said Faruq Marican, Co-founder and CEO of Popsical. “Karaoke is hugely popular not just in Singapore but across the region, and we see immense potential for our regularly sold-out flagship product Popsical Remix in local and regional markets. We are well-poised for explosive growth across the region, and I am excited about the upcoming expansions. We are incredibly thankful to Choco Up, whose funding and growth platform gives us a springboard to reach karaoke fans across the world.”