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Stop looking at data, and start acting on it. Airboxr automates analysis on your sales, marketing and operations data, surfacing hidden insights on your store performance. Make business decisions faster with Airboxr.

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Use cases

Optimize Business Decisions
Keep your most important business metrics at your fingertips. Airboxr unifies all your data into a central command center, preemptively surfaces areas that need your attention, and provides advice on improving your store performance.
Automate Marketing Reports
Measure the relative effectiveness of your ad channels by comparing spend, conversion rates, and ROAS. Simply set up your report with a single click and schedule it to run automatically in the future.

Ready to scale your business faster?

Choco up invests from $10K to $5M USD on a revenue share model. We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee.