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We are Asia's largest revenue-based financing platform.

Boost marketing or purchase inventory with our flexible growth capital, from USD $10k to $10M.
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A modern and innovative approach to fundraising
Fundraising has been a tedious and time consuming process for founders in the past 20 years. Choco Up provides funding from USD $10K to $10M on a revenue share model and only charges a flat fee.

Additionally, Choco Up has partnered with the biggest
E-Commerce platforms to make data collection more efficient, so you can focus less on managing cash flow, and more on your business!

Find out more about how we use data-driven technologies to help us make informed credit solutions on our blog.
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Startup Financing

A flexible, founder-friendly funding partner

Choco Up offers flexible, non-dilutive funding solutions to high-growth, promising startups across various markets and verticals.

Our funding model allows startups to grow their revenue, resulting in an increase in profitability and valuation of the businesses while preserving equity for future equity fundraising rounds.

Non-dilutive venture funding is a rare commodity in Asia, and Choco Up is at the forefront of offering Funding as a Service (FaaS) solution to promising startups to achieve their potential, while maintaining control, governance and without restrictive covenants.
  • Boost revenue growth without selling your shares
  • Reduce overall cost of capital for your equity rounds
  • Bridge your runway to achieve higher valution
  • Recurring fundings that continues your hyper growth
  • Get funded in days, instead of taking months
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E-commerce Financing

A seamless, data-driven funding partner

Choco Up offers quick and hassle free Ecommerce financing via our data integration platform, so you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about cash flow issues.

Our funding process and tech platform allows E-commerce businesses to access funding in as soon as 48 hours, without the need to go through the complex and convoluted application process.

Time is money, and any business owner should focus their time, attention and effort into improving the business. Yet, many have struggled to run their business smoothly because of funding issues -- Choco Up has helped hundreds of companies to bypass this headache, empowering the growth they deserve.
  • Buy more Ads when you have a good ROI
  • Buy more inventories when can sell more
  • Promote your brand when you grow D2C businesses
  • Expand to new markets and grow your customer base
  • Invest in customer loyatly, CRM and remarketing
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Choco Up Financing

SME Financing

A quick, user-friendly funding partner

Choco Up understands the biggest pain point of SMEs is often getting access to the right type of capital in a quick and simple manner.

Our funding model allows us to be agile and understanding when it comes to SME financing. We are able to provide companies with recurring access to growth capital with no expensive dilution and stringent terms.

Gone is the day of dealing with the archaic, legacy financial system, Choco Up strives to be a growth-enabling partner, offering non-dilutive funding solution that can help SMEs to better manage their working capital to minimize painful cash flow gaps and lost sales.
  • Funding that on your growth, in stead of your assets
  • No collaterals, warrants, board seat, or dilution of your equity
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Choco Up SME financing
Why choose Choco Up?

No dilution

We don't take any equity or warrants!

No fixed repayment

Pay back by sharing a small percentage of your revenue

No hidden fees

Just one flat fee, no hidden surprises

Fast and easy

We promise a swift due diligence and funding process

We work with platforms that you trust

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Truly a milestone for CE Brands, and we look forward to working with the Choco team and benefiting from their value-add and expertise, especially in SEA markets like Vietnam.

Craig Smith

Choco-Up is a game changer. They gave us the most founder-friendly and flexible financing option which allows us to restructure our business model and accelerate our growth.

Rosaline Chow Koo
CXA Group

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Choco up invests from $10K to $10M USD on a revenue share model. We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your sales until we have recouped the capital + flat flee.