Buzz AR



Buzz AR

Bringing retail to life through augmented reality. Buzz AR provides location based AR solutions for retail and commerce. Their strategies, based on AR design, provide immediate "wow" factor to store fronts or digital marketing spaces.

Our partnership

Buzz AR empowers retail and commercial businesses by providing an extra "wow" factor through their AR designs. By partnering with Choco Up, all Choco Up clients are given access to this unique form of marketing.

Use cases

Experimental E-Commerce Ads
Enables brands and retailers by letting customers to view fashion and home products in 3D in the real world in front of them. Make better purchase decision by comparing multiple products side-by-side. No download/plugin.
Accelerate Online-to-Offline commerce
Track and attribute O2O conversion path. "Last-mile” in-aisle attribution data fills out the missing puzzle of online ad campaign.


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