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CXA Group

CXA has grown to become Asia’s leading Insurtech start-up - affirmed by over 600 clients and backed by a group of astute investors who understand the value and transformative potential of CXA’s groundbreaking platform.

Our partnership

Choco Up offers CXA's management team the flexibility to restructure the traditional B2B “Direct to Corporate Brokerage” model into a highly scalable “Enterprise SaaS platform” for distributors, and maximize the future equity valuation of CXA ‍With Choco Up’s capital, CXA was able to increase the cash position by 200% without equity dilution. It allows CXA to conduct the restructuring smoothly with reducing burnt rate 4X, and also optimize efforts on key client accounts, pushing the enterprise revenue 6X, unlocking future equity SaaS valuation with 3X instead of traditional brokerage multiple.

Use cases

Thousands of health & wellness products
With more than 1,000 products across 14 categories, CXA offers discounts and deals that will make your employees smile. Whether you value gym equipment, health supplements, vacations, or products for their children, our wellness e-marketplace is bound to have something for you. We continue to establish partnerships every day, in order to provide even greater choice and a satisfying employee experience.
Better understand your health risks
We use advanced software to analyse your biometrics, key work/life events, past purchase behaviour, concerns, and goals, and provide recommendations to address your specific health risks.

Ready to scale your business faster?

Choco up invests from $10K to $5M USD on a revenue share model. We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee.