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Echo Asia is Asia-Pacific’s digital marketing & communications agency focused on promoting and supporting a sustainability and low-carbon lifestyle for the well-being of the people, by offering meaningful branding solutions.

Our partnership

The global perspective of environmental distress now boils down to each and every single person’s sole responsibility, which has revitalised local trends to commit to the practice of sustainability in the perviously years. Whilst businesses understand the detrimental need to contribute to the environment, it hasn’t always been their priority, and have picked profit over the planet. Thus we meet a threshold, where the lack of agencies that provide Sustainability Consultancy, CSR Marketing, Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions are apparent. Choco Up values sustainability, and our partnership with Echo Asia will ensure that we maintain environmental sustainability as one of our corporate social responsibilities.

Use cases

Sustainability consultancy

From corporate sustainability strategy consultation to sustainability marketing, we are deeply passionate about green issues, corporate responsibility and sustainability.

CSR Training

Equip corporates to be CSR-ready and CSR-excellent. Connect different parties of CSR parties. Achieve CSR 3.0

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