Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners

Human Resources
United States
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Globalization Partners

Build a global team quickly and easily. Hire anyone, anywhere, in minutes – use our compliant, automated global employment platform. Globalization Partners connects you to the right people around the world.

Our partnership

The partnership between Globalization Partners and Choco Up will give clients access to one of the best networking systems in the world, connecting companies with the right people regardless of their location.

Use cases

Hire Global Talent
You find the talent, and we put them on our fully compliant global payroll. Hire the best person in the world for the job, no entity required.
Global Expansion Consultancy
You choose the “where” and the “who.” We take care of the “how.” Onboard your international candidate in days and start growing your company’s global footprint.

Ready to scale your business faster?

Choco up invests from $10K to $5M USD on a revenue share model. We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee.