Real estate
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Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Singapore, JustCo’s mission is to enable anyone to have the best work/life experience anywhere anytime.

Our partnership

Choco Up's partnership with JustCo gives clients the benefits of their flexible workplace solutions. Any company, be it a small startup to a large company, can find a workspace that suits them, and integrate into JustCo's large network of clients.

Use cases

Real estate solutions
JustCo offers smart and stylish workspaces for companies with strategic planning to maximize networking and efficiency.
JustCo's enterprise solution, the Enterprise360, offers a full-suite of corporate products from designing, builiding, to operating an ever-relevant and modern workspace for clients.

Ready to scale your business faster?

Choco up invests from $10K to $5M USD on a revenue share model. We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee.