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Lead Out Technology Group Limited is a leading digital transformation technology solutions provider, focusing on middleware and ERP solutions for easy integration across data and different applications.

Use cases

ERP Task Automation by Lead Out Slipstream middleware

New customer register as member and place order in the client’s e-Commerce System. The customer data will straight through to Slipstream and automatically create two task instructions, one is to create the new customer personal information and purchasing history in the client’ CRM system, another one is to create the transaction record in the client’s finance system. It helps to eliminate the manual effort to update the new customer purchase record in CRM and Finance system.

Slipstream data consolidation across application (Big data analysis on CRM & Marketing)

Internal data from different applications such as CRM, Marketing can be synchronized in Slipstream data lake in real-time, and with the external data (e.g. social listening). Our client can perform big data analysis and deploy machine learning model (e.g. NLP) to predict the latest market trend favourable by the customers with the best follow up actions recommended to interact with the customers.

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