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Owlish Online Limited create organic content to drive traffic to achieve customers’ goals. Served more than 100+ companies in different fields around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses, our strategy has been proved many times.

Our partnership

Founded in 2013, Owlish Online Limited has become a comprehensive digital agency. Our mission is to provide the most "appropriate and effective" marketing campaigns to our clients without wasting much testing time. Owlish Online Limited will be dedicated to support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service of Choco Up's clients over Hong Kong and Taiwan. Almost 95% of people carry out a search every day! We push your site to the top of Google (The biggest search engine in the world), Yahoo and the only concern is whether you can handle these enormous customers.

Use cases

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Skincare Product eCommerce Store

One of our clients is a Facial Treatment Center and licensed Korean Skincare Product ecommerce store. Old website was developed by a mainland vendor which is not familiar with Google SEO. Client’s site is not SEO friendly and difficult to optimize. Here are our solutions: (1) Located the best value keywords with relatively low competition. (2) Created content that fits user’s behaviour (Blog pages and Product pages). (3) Carried out link building work to build authority from nothing. Result: (1) Organic traffic increased gradually over the following 12 months by 188%. (2) Content has reached featured snippets for 5 target keywords.

Increasing Regional Search Exposure for Real Estate Company

With the rising trend of emigration and high local property price, Real estate industry for foreign regions is becoming more and more competitive. Client would like to enlarge their exposure on Google Search Result and get more impression and traffic. Here are our solutions: (1) Divided target regions into several phases according to the business priority. (2) Technical and Content Optimization for the entire website. Result: After optimization, 75 target keywords had reached Top 10 and Top 3. Monthly organic search traffic increased 266% after 9 months of optimization.

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