Financial Services
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Qbit was founded in 2019, a provider of financial technology and corporate services. With our global one-stop financial infrastructure, Qbit empowers clients with technological innovation, and is dedicated to weaving a web of global world-leading, highly-efficient, multi-asset traffic networks for enterprises expanding to overseas markets.

Our partnership

Use cases

Efficient global capital flows
Support 180+ countries and regions, 40+ mainstream currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, etc., large or batch payments available
Integrated local payment network
Effectively integrated local payment networks of USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc., saving transaction cost by 90%, T+0 to complete transaction

Global Account: Global transactions, one-stop solution

- One-stop opening of multiple local bank accounts / local bank accounts in various countries

- Supports multiple currencies, USD, EUR, GBP, etc.

“Quantum”Virtual Card: Satisfy different transaction scenarios, intelligent expense management solution

- One platform — easily manage your virtual cards

- Support VISA and Mastercard payments

BaaS: Innovative OPEN API solution

- Modularized output of the fundamental functions: opening account, issuing cards, payment, etc.

- Tailored to needs, embedded financial service, provide financial infrastructure with diversified scenarios.‍

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