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Think SME is an one stop solution provider for every SME, from obtaining government supported business loans, grants and mortgage loans to accounting, taxation and corporate secretarial services.

Our partnership

Choco Up's partnership with ThinkSME will give clients access to their Accounting expertise specific the the SEA region, giving companies that are expanding in the area a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Use cases

Accounts management

To make your SME reach its growth potential, you need a sound base to stand on. Our team of experts will help you be on top of every deadline, all of the administrative chores and every regulation in Singapore. You need to have the right help to keep everything running smoothly, while we make sure your operations are streamlined in order and for success.

Branding & Marketing

Branding and Marketing have different purposes but are complementary in what they achieve. In short, Marketing is where to find new customers and Branding is how you get those new customers.

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