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Virtue Media

Virtue Media is an international team of problem solvers, rule breakers and fanatics who aim to provide lean, yet effective marketing solutions to digital businesses.

Our partnership

Virtue Media are inbound marketing experts. Their partnership with Choco Up is dedicated to bridging the gap between China Brands and Overseas Market through the most effective inbound solutions. Their team of interdisciplinary designers and strategists will be there with Choco Up et. al. every step of the way to develop smart solutions for all marketing needs. Additionally, their expertise in analyzing and processing big data will be pertinent to the success of Choco Up's data systems.

Use cases

Digital channels
Building a digital platform to store and organize all kinds of data formats and provides a platform for calculating, analyzing and processing big data.
Data insights
Applying advanced technology of analyzing and processing collected data helps enterprises forecast, make decisions and continually improve efficiency.

Hong Kong SAR

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