Published Jan 19, 2022

Choco Up Is Now Officially LIVE on Shopify!

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We are super proud to not only announce our app is finally live on Shopify. But also, we are the FIRST revenue based financing platform that got our app listed as a public app on the Shopify app store. This is a major step in our mission to help the eCommerce businesses in Asia to truly grow to their fullest potential. 

With our app, Shopify store owners can now be able to better analyse performance metrics across the different platforms and identify real growth opportunities for their own store. Here is a sneak peak of what our app can do: 

Data Integration Platform

Our app allows merchants to consolidate eCommerce's business data across different platforms, including sales, payments, marketing, accounting and other business tools like CRM and ERP

Identify Growth Potentials

With all data in one place, Choco Up platform enables business owners to build analytics reports of various growth metrics, growth projections on business, financials and marketing performance analytics, as well as credit assessment.

Network for eCommerce Growth

After identifying growth potentials for the merchants, you are able to get access to exclusive offerings from our partners with perks (discounts, credits etc.) to boost your growth, which cover payments, logistics, marketing, SEO, CRM and business SaaS tools etc.
Looking to grow your Shopify business to the next level? Start using our app now and identify different growth opportunities!