Published Jul 07, 2022

From Learners To Leaders: Top e-Commerce Podcasts To Follow [2022]

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Online shopping is a growing trend, and e-commerce is pushing it forward. Looking for ideas to start or refine your online business? e-Commerce podcasts may be the inspirational toolkits for you.

Choco Up has compiled a list of top e-commerce podcasts that offer diverse perspectives to this expanding industry. Read on to learn more!

Top e-commerce podcasts in 2022:

  1. eCommerceFuel
  2. eCommerce Lifestyle
  3. My Wife Quit Her Job
  4. 2x eCommerce Podcast
  5. The Fizzle Show
  6. Future Commerce

1. eCommerceFuel

The eCommerceFuel Podcast is a leading player in the fields of e-commerce and e-commerce podcasts. It covers a wide variety of e-commerce topics, ranging from brand-specific reports, ways to recruit and build a leadership team, to recent e-commerce trends. There are over 400 episodes available on eCommerceFuel, which accumulated 3 million total listens.

Andrew Youderian, the host of eCommerceFuel, is a veteran in the e-commerce universe who started building his first CB radio store in 2007. Leveraging on his 10+ years of experience in e-commerce, he branches out to create programs and resources for other online businesses.

For example, the business development program organized by eCommerceFuel forms a solid e-tailer community, allowing companies to partner with each other, accelerate their growth and implement good case practices. These are impeccable extra support that may be helpful to your e-commerce businesses. 

Ideal for: eCommerceFuel is suitable for all listener types, regardless of your previous commercial knowledge or background. It hosts a well of brilliant resources for anyone (interested) in the e-commerce industry, which tour around general and specific content in a guided manner, while offering comprehensive and step-by-step business advice.

2. eCommerce Lifestyle

Hosted by Anton Kraly, eCommerce Lifestyle is dedicated to helping people find or maximize freedom through entrepreneurship.

The eCommerce Lifestyle podcast discusses current global events, such as recent supply chain issues and problems around inflation. It also suggests possible ways for e-commerce owners to manage these adverse situations, or get round with problems and transform them into more possibilities.

An example to illustrate this is the account suspension problem. Google is a major search engine in the contemporary world, but what if your Google account gets suspended?  eCommerce Lifestyle presents you with tips on how to avoid being banned by Google.

Identifying listeners’ aims of increasing revenue, automating e-commerce operations, and becoming the authority in their niche, eCommerce Lifestyle also formulates courses on specific areas like Google Ads for e-commerce, social media management, inbox funnels and dropshipping. These are useful tactics in bringing your e-commerce business to the next level.

Best suited for: Everyone can check eCommerce Lifestyle out as this e-commerce podcast encompasses current events that may impact your online shop in an in-depth and broad manner.

3. My Wife Quit Her Job

In the midst of rapid digital transformation, many may seek to leave the traditional workforce and hop on the wagon of e-commerce. The founders of My Wife Quit Her Job are a case in point.


My Wife Quit Her Job is a platform dedicated to recording the founders’ transitions from a mundane desk job to dynamic digital business with tips of starting online stores as solo entrepreneurs. The business is operated by a husband-and-wife duo, who left the “promising” corporate world to explore the vibrant e-commerce market.

Hosted by Steve Chou (the husband), this e-commerce podcast runs through different growth opportunities and essentially, comprehensive guidance towards how to start a business. Chou is bold to ask the guests difficult questions which boil down to concrete strategies and fine details behind the businesses’ success.

Who should tune in? My Wife Quit Her Job is THE beginners’ choice. New joiners of the e-commerce industry can pick up a lot of useful information through the podcast episodes, which are also helpful for e-commerce entrepreneurs at all levels.

4. 2x eCommerce Podcast

2x eCommerce Podcast is hosted by e-commerce expert and advisor Kunle Campbell, offering insider’s tips towards ways to grow your e-commerce business in the saturated online market. 

First aired in 2014, 2x eCommerce Podcast invites inspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious marketers of innovative brands to share strategies for growing their businesses. It also gathers insights from C-level executives and app developers’ success stories, and explains to the audience directions to expand their customer base.

As for now, there are more than 330 tips and stories on 2x eCommerce Podcast waiting to be uncovered by you.  Moreover, you may be able to connect with like-minded business people via the 2X podcast Facebook community and expand your business network. 

Target audience: Committed e-commerce owners with intermediate to advanced knowledge of the field are the ideal crowd for this e-commerce podcast as the sharings and language can be technical. Beginners will expose themselves to a sea of success stories or be guided by the digestible steps and business tips.

5. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show has incubated creativity and passion across different generations of e-commerce entrepreneurs, and provided workable business advice since 2013.

Successful business owners and industry experts are featured in the episodes of The Fizzle Show, running through practical skills, content blogging, digital marketing, audience growth, productivity, and personal brand building based on interviews and success stories.

The Fizzle Show also presents the lives of solo entrepreneurs, revealing their daily struggles and clever ways to overcome obstacles or achieve financial independence. 

While many episodes are free to listen to or download, registered Fizzle members could access Fizzle’s online community which helps business owners attain their goals. Another perk of joining Fizzle’s membership is the chance to receive the Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and  Dana Shultz’s (Minimalist Baker). Courses, access to Fizzle’s Facebook community and coaching sessions are exclusive membership benefits.

Who is it for? The Fizzle Show fits the needs of entrepreneurs who crave to learn from experienced e-commerce business owners as the guest speakers offer intriguing insights into the blooming industry.

6. Future Commerce

Predicting the future trends of the e-commerce industry is a core entrepreneurial skill as this allows digital merchants to react in a timely manner and make use of potential business opportunities.

Future Commerce, hosted by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, is a podcast heavily focused on research and media strategies in the retail industry. The hosts are joined by e-commerce experts and start-up founders every week to publish diverse content, including industry news, emerging e-commerce trends and company-specific development. You may develop a more agile sense as to where e-commerce is going with Future Commerce.

In addition, the Future Commerce podcast delivers topics like upcoming e-commerce integrations, e-commerce automation tools, e-commerce statistics, and more. Business founders could dive deeper than improving conversion rate and paid search advertising (PPC), integrating the advanced tools to boost their businesses.

Who is it for? The Future Commerce podcast is suited for those who hold an intermediate to advanced understanding of e-commerce topics. If you are experienced in the e-commerce industry and are looking for specific suggestions on effective business strategies and brand innovations, Future Commerce may be the choice for you.

Some last words

e-Commerce is what the future holds, and choosing the right resources for you could help shape the future of your online business.

Podcasts for e-commerce are dynamic tools for digital merchants to get a grasp of strategies and trends related to the e-commerce industry. But for those who are looking to grow and scale their businesses, there’s so much more to learn.

For instance, online payment processing is pivotal to creating a seamless online checkout experience, automation is key to streamlining business operations, and e-commerce funding would supercharge your business’s growth.

With our smart-growth analytics tools, global payment solutions and funding for e-commerce, Choco Up is the go-to partner for growing your online business. Learn more through our clients’ success stories or apply for funding now!