Published Oct 25, 2022

Top Logistics Companies In Singapore (+Tips For Choosing One!)

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Thanks to its highly developed economy, growing technology infrastructure and proximity with other Asian nations, Singapore has become a hotbed for online businesses and the homebase for numerous logistics companies that boast their own reliable and efficient supply chains.

70% of the world’s maritime economy also passes through Singapore each year, so shipping and transportation are definitely something that the city-state knows how to do.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of 9 logistics companies in Singapore. Continue reading to know more about the top Singaporean logistics companies, how they started, what they can offer for your e-commerce business, and where they’re headed.

  • Top logistics companies in Singapore
  • 8 factors to consider when choosing a logistics company in Singapore
  • Some last words

Top logistics companies in Singapore

As mentioned, the Garden City of Asia is home to numerous logistics companies that support the city-state’s e-commerce ecosystem. If you’re looking for a logistics partner for your online business, below are 9 logistics companies in Singapore that you can consider.

List of top logistics companies in Singapore:

  1. DHL Singapore
  2. Singapore Post
  3. FedEx
  5. DB Schenker
  6. Yusen Logistics
  7. Aramex
  8. UPS Singapore
  9. ALPS Global Logistics

1. DHL Singapore

As one of the leading players in the logistics industry, DHL has substantial operations in Singapore, and is in fact headquartered right next to the airport in Changi.

Individuals and businesses have come to regularly avail of DHL’s services, especially given the considerable automation and digitization present across all of the company’s operations. As such, tracking your packages with DHL can easily be done so long as you have your tracking number!

They can likewise go nearly anywhere on earth, guarantee the safety of your products, and provide paid insurance, along with 24/7 customer service.

2. Singapore Post

Singapore Post, on the other hand, caters more to small businesses and personal mail, though they also have all the usual offerings of your typical logistics firm, ranging from custom packaging to international shipping to roughly 200 countries.

Interestingly though, Singapore Post has extensive warehouses and can even manage returns in the event your customers decide they want to send their purchased products back to you for a refund, repair, or for whatever other reason.

This postal service provider is headquartered in Paya Lebar, and continues to serve Singaporeans as it has done so for the past 30 years.

3. FedEx

As a well-known player in the logistics industry, FedEx began its operations in Singapore back in 2009 and is currently headquartered in the Changi Business Park.

Similar to DHL, FedEx offers digitized solutions and even packaging services so that you can get your products to your customers quick and easy.

The American transportation and e-commerce conglomerate likewise has a variety of specific solutions that you can choose from based on the nature and needs of your company.

FedEx Priority Alert™, for instance, can help healthcare, aerospace, financial, industrial, and electrical businesses get their goods and materials where they need to be on time and securely.


If you’ve ever seen a container ship, you’re bound to have also seen MAERSK’s star logo on several containers heading out to sea.

MAERSK handles more than 1 million container units for the Singaporean operations each year, and possesses highly-developed infrastructure for both marine transportation and inland delivery.

Just like Singapore Post, MAERSK’s headquarters are located in the Paya Lebar area, though they also have a few other depots scattered across the city-state.

You can easily make a cargo booking using their online site, where you can also select what containers you wish to use, available ship space, sailing options, and other offerings.

Selecting this logistics company can therefore be optimal for bulk shipments or large-scale orders across the high seas.  

5. DB Schenker

This 150-year-old firm is another global giant that deals with logistics and supply chain management, and can handle everything from air freight, sea freight and land logistics.

Their eSchenker portal enables all their customers to handle scheduling, tracking, booking and reporting all in one app, while also having constant access to shipment data and customer support. 

Innovation and automation is no stranger to DB Scheneker either, as their Red Lion warehouse in Singapore recently won twin awards for robotics and logistics. 

6. Yusen Logistics

Founded in 2011, Yusen Logistics boasts seven logistics bases, warehouses with round-the-clock security and temperature, and freight services that are comparable to the firms already mentioned in this list.

Their digital solutions pair up rather efficiently with their transportation and distribution operations so that they can cater to e-commerce businesses across the world and help them scale up their operations.

7. Aramex

The Emirati logistics firm Aramex is a reliable logistics provider that has had a presence in Asia’s Garden City since 1984. This provider caters to both fashion and small industries, but is capable of handling oil and gas shipping as well.

Aramex can aid with returns management or reverse logistics, and they also offer limited liability compensation in the unlikely event your goods are damaged or lost during their handling. 

Additionally, they have tools that can help business owners integrate Aramex solutions into their own e-commerce sites, though such a feature is only limited to those who use Shopify, Magento or OpenCart.

8. UPS Singapore

This American shipping and supply chain management company possesses a similar reach to its close competitor FedEx, and has also been operating in Singapore since 1984.

Their TradeAbility app allows for easy international shipments, and their order tracking helps customers accurately keep tabs on all their shipments with accuracy across different time zones.

UPS is in fact known for their ability to provide solutions for international vendors and cater to a wide variety of carriers, languages and locations globally.

9. ALPS Global Logistics

As one of the younger logistics firms in Singapore, ALPS Global Logistics was established back in 2013 by a group of Singaporean founders. The company offers air, sea, land and general freight services, along with warehousing provided by many other top logistics companies.

They do, however, also offer the handling and shipping of hazardous cargo, which may be enticing in the event your business deals with materials that must be kept in controlled and completely secure environments.

This logistics company in Singapore offers a variety of packaging materials in their store as well, so you can easily plan your e-commerce packaging and shipping at the same time when using their online site.

On top of that, ALPS Global Logistics maintains a list of blog articles about shipping and trade that may help you further understand key parts of the industry.

8 factors to consider when choosing a logistics company in Singapore

From their serviceable areas to the ease-of-use of tracking software, there are numerous factors that should influence your choice of logistics company to ensure that they can truly help your online business grow. Below are eight of them for your consideration.

1. Do they warehouse your goods properly?

Seeing as your chosen logistics company will be responsible for handling your goods throughout the entire e-commerce logistics process, checking whether they ensure the proper storage and warehousing of your products is one of the first few things you should do. 

2. Information, technology and innovation

Managing the flow of information has been made easy in the 21st century with advancements in technology. Finding a logistics company in Singapore that leverages such innovations to provide you with a more convenient and concise shipping experience is therefore a must-do.

Tracking software that helps you accurately monitor the process of e-commerce transit, for example, is commonly provided by many shipping companies, and you shouldn’t settle for a solution that doesn’t include such tracking at the most basic level. 

3. Serviceable areas: Where can they go?

In the discussion of where your goods will be going and how they’ll get there, the question also arises: Where can your logistics partner go?

Numerous logistics firms have worldwide operations, and can easily use their routes to move your goods smoothly from your store to your customers.

Some companies, however, may be restricted to certain regions such as Asia or the Americas, so they may rely on third-party providers if your intended destination falls outside their serviceable areas.

As such, you may want to opt for a shipping solution that is managed by one provider that can directly deliver your goods from Point A to Point B. 

4. Overall shipping costs

The overall shipping costs are a primary consideration as well: After all, you’re running a business!

Checking how much each of your options ultimately charges for the entire logistics process is a good place to start, though looking even deeper into their fees for packaging, handling, and warehousing among others can help you determine who exactly provides the best bang for your buck!

5. Security and insurance: Your goods also need to be safe!

In a way, your logistics provider must also be capable of keeping your products safe and in a good condition so that they can still be enjoyed by your customers.

Damages may nevertheless occur along the way, so purchasing insurance for your packages that are out for delivery can help you recoup some funds in the unfortunate event your products are broken or damaged.

6. Reputation: Do people know this brand?

When weighing which Singaporean logistics company to go with, considering their reputation may also prove to be useful.

After all, your customers will also have to deal with the said company when they receive your products, so a shipping firm that pleases both the sender and receiver is one that you should probably go with.

7. Customer service, you’ll need it along the way

There may be speed bumps during the e-commerce delivery process that cannot be simply solved on your own.

As such, the logistics company should have a robust customer support program that you can get in touch with in case you run into any issues or need assistance at any point. 

8. Reverse logistics, can they do it?

If you’ve been in the e-commerce industry for some time, you’d know that customers may not always be satisfied with your products, and may actually send them back.

Being able to handle reverse logistics, by which your products return to you from the customer’s location, should therefore be something you should look out for as well when choosing your logistics company in Singapore.

Some last words

With many logistics companies available in Singapore and numerous factors to consider when choosing one for your e-commerce business, the process of deciding on a logistics company can be a long and tedious process.

By reading this article, however, you may have hopefully gained a clearer picture about how the logistics industry works in the Asian city-state, so that you can ultimately choose a company that can send your store across Singapore and beyond!

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