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Scale marketing, pay for inventory, or expand to other markets.
Fast and flexible funding tailored for your growth.

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Choco Up v.s. Bank Loans

We often think of bank loans when we need capital.
But revenue-based financing offers more flexible and founder-friendly capital.

Why get funded from Choco Up?

Grow your business with growth capital made for e-commerce brands.

Flexible use of capital
You can use the funds anyway you want. Enjoy the freedom that other financing channels cannot provide.
Flexible resources
Our dashboard of growth insights and our dedicated growth consultants are here to help provide advice and strategies to optimize your business growth plans.
Flexible repayments
Your repayments are based on a percentage of revenue and therefore not fixed. The more sales you generate, the more you repay.

Monthly revenue

*All number shown are example

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Create an account

Simply fill-in a form to register and begin application process.


Connect store data

Integrate your e-commerce platforms with a few simple clicks. This helps us give you an initial offer within 24 hours.


Complete verification

Submit all necessary documents for verification and due diligence. Once approved, you'll receive funding in 48 hours.


Contribute future revenue

Enjoy flexible repayment by sharing a percentage of future revenue to pay down your funding amount.

Choco Payment & Choco Wallet = Grow faster

Simpler KYC process
With your spending records, we can understand your business easier and faster.
Get a lower Funding fee
Enjoy a discount on the Choco fee with a seamless experience of payments.
Scale globally
Minimize friction between local and overseas payout and payment collection.


Starting from 3.2% + HK$ 2.35
Get paid world wide

Frequently Asked Questions

How much funding can I get?

How much funding you get is decided by our proprietary data-driven risk management technologies and algorithms.

The decision is based on multiple factors related to your unit economics, monthly revenue, and monthly transaction rate.

Are there any fees?

Choco Up fees have no periodic nor compounding interest so you will know exactly how much you need to repay before you accept the offer and that fee will never increase throughout the repayment process.

Am I getting a loan?

Choco Up does not give out loans.

We use a unique revenue share model in order to fund our partners. We do not require equity. Our flexible repayment scheme means that there is no additional interest accrued.

How long does it take to get funded?

Indicative term sheets can be given out in as fast as 48 hours. You will receive funding within 24 hours of agreeing to the set terms.

How do I qualify for funding?

We provide funding to digital merchants. Our minimum eligibility criteria includes: 6+ months of company operating history and revenue greater than USD 10k/month.

Can I receive more funding?

As you draw closer to spending all your advance you may need more capital. We automatically monitor your recent business growth and outstanding balance to see if you qualify for more capital.