This Indonesian Based E-Commerce Drove Traffic by 150%

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The company is a lifestyle brand that offers a wide selection of designer quality yet affordable eyewear, which is designed in-house to fit and look great. They provide convenient, omnichannel experiences through our app, home try-on service and lifestyle stores, where customers can also enjoy specialty coffee and fresh baked cookies.



This Indonesia-based E-Commerce startup is a lifestyle brand that wants to create a seamless and convenient buying experience. Their goal is to establish themselves as a global and iconic brand for affordable, trendy products. 

Doing everything from sketch to final designs in-house, the company is an expert in the design and creation of trendy glasses and accessories, with over 13 locations across Indonesia. 

Having established themselves as a reputable brand in urban centers, the company wishes to build on their online platform to tap into the global and rural markets.

In doing so, the company aims to make their products more accessible to both the international market and the locals who may find it difficult to access their products through retail locations. 

Investing In The Internet

The company needs to invest in technology, including management systems, web development, and a mobile app. In doing so, they hope to improve internal processes and pave the way for international sales. 

Additionally, they need more capital to expand marketing channels. This includes social media, paid-advertising, search-engine-optimization (SEO), and customer relationship management (CRM). 

Finally, the company wishes to develop a seamless online-to-offline marketing system, which will drive sales in rural areas, where people may find retail locations inaccessible. This platform will also pave the way for international markets. 

Choco Up Impact

Choco Up understands the importance of digital marketing in growing an E-Commerce business. Investing into digital marketing increases sales by increasing traffic to your shop or website. 

Human talent is crucial to the success of a startup. However, some companies cannot afford the right people. Choco Up understands the importance of investing in talent and is willing to offer financial solutions and advice in employment. 

Real time data monitoring also allows Choco Up to track the impact and provide clients with ongoing growth advice. 

Choco Up’s investment increased shop traffic by 150% and revenue by 82% over 6 months, and funded the expansion into 13+ retail locations across Indonesia. 

Choco Up Will Help The Company Become a Global Icon

Choco Up recognizes the demand for fashionable glasses and accessories. In this industry, marketing is key to stay ahead of competition and drive the increase of revenue and sales. 

Choco Up will help the company grow their E-Commerce platform, and facilitate the development of international sales by investing into marketing and the implementation of seamless transaction experiences. In doing so, Choco Up will help the company become a global icon in fashionable accessories.