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Jaco Hardware offers different tools and building materials to suit the needs of customers.



Jaco Hardware aims to enhance living quality by offering a one-stop platform of tools and building materials to customers. They provide better customer experience with the latest technology. 

Having started as a traditional brick and mortar business with 40+ years of history, the son of the founder inherited the business and sought to transform it into a digital business. The goal is to bring their one-stop building platform into the global market. 

With the support of Choco Up, the founder was able to grow revenue by 702% in 6 months and increased compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 1553%. 

Today, Choco Up shares the success of this partnership.

Where did it all begin?

It all began with the influence of the founder’s father, one of the most experienced hardware importers in Hong Kong. Many hardware items were introduced by his father. However, the hardware industry was usually very manual and lacked branding. This inspired Henry, the owner of Jacohardware.com, to reinvent their business philosophy — “We Built this City”.

Inheriting the family tradition, Jaco Hardware imagined a new way of selling hardware. Henry sees the opportunities in the business of his father and makes his visions come true.

Getting funded is never easy

Most companies receive growth funding from friends and family. This is known as a friends and family round. However, friends and family funding tends to be limited since it is restricted to personal finances.

“It was never easy to ask for funding from your friends and family. I prefer finding external resources,” Henry said.

Besides funding from friends and family, Henry also considered bank loans. Due to the strict and high requirements, the business was not mature enough to borrow from banks at that time.

Consequently, cash flow and funds are tight, making it difficult to invest into marketing and paid ad-campaigns. 

Even though the website was making steady sales every month, it had not reached its full potential. Digital marketing was necessary to drive growth.

Investing into digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Henry realized that digital marketing proved to be successful and started to learn by himself. It had a strong marketing ROI.

However, the tight cash flow restricted market spending, slowing the growth of the company. Jaco needed to spend on marketing to increase sales, but it did not have enough cash flow to invest into digital ads.

Therefore, Jaco needs extra external resources to grow its marketing campaigns and efforts. 

Choco Up Impact

Choco Up understands digital merchants well and the importance of digital marketing. The direct integration of sales and marketing channels will allow Choco Up to underwrite the business and provide funding within days. 

Real time data monitoring also allows Choco Up to track the impact and provide clients with ongoing growth advice. 

Choco Up’s investment allowed Jaco’s revenue to grow 702% in 6 months, capture demand and cost savings of 30%, and drive website traffic growth by 200%. 

Choco Up Will Help Jaco Sell to The World

Having an all-in-one catalogue for building and household materials is in high demand. The need for affordable construction materials delivered to the doorstep is a logistical pain point in the industry.

Choco Up will continue to help the company grow into an international E-commerce platform that can eliminate this pain point in the construction processes throughout different countries and regions by investing in their digital marketing campaigns.

“Choco Up has helped Jaco to grow and develop in a fast and smooth pace. I will continue to use the service of Choco Up as a recurring loan,” Henry said.